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Phoenix Marijuana Clones & Seeds

Looking for the best Phoenix marijuana seeds and clones on the market?

Our feminized seeds and clones produce jaw dropping yields to help you save massive $$$ by growing your own plants at home!

Receive FREE marijuana seeds or clones with our grow consultation packages.

High Yield Plants

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Phoenix Marijuana Clones Update

We are currently completely out of clones but will be getting more within the next week. If you’re interested in a marijuana clone consultation, please put your info in below and we’ll send an email as soon as we’re restocked! (Minimum 6 Clones Per Consultation)

Best Selling Phoenix Marijuana Seeds

We’ve brought our most popular marijuana seeds to growers in Arizona! Each of our strains is hand selected based on multiple factors like how easy they are to grow while providing fantastic yields. They’re the perfect combination for new growers looking to save a ton of money by growing their own plants in Phoenix. Every grow consultation order comes with FREE cannabis seeds or clones. Simply click any button below to get your free seeds or clones! 

gorilla cake marijuana seeds phoenix

Mandarin Cookies Marijuana Seed Consultation

Our Mandarin Cookies marijuana seeds are a brilliant cross between the wildly popular Cookies and Mandarin Sunset Strains. The strain is easy to grow, gives off a calming high with a citrus and diesel fragrance.

marijuana seeds cookies strain az

Gorilla Cake Marijuana Seed Consultation

Our Gorilla Cake strain is a favorite for recreational users. It’s a cross between the award winning Gorilla Glue and Wedding cake strains. It gives a heavy high, has a dense bud structure and gives off a rich terpene fragrance you’ll love!

kino vision marijuana seed strain

Kino Vision High CBD Seed Consultation

Our high CBD Kino Vision strain is an extremely popular CBD strain for those wanting to grow their own high CBD seeds. This strain is a robust seed that’s easy to grow and an extremely enjoyable smoke.

Our Current Marijuana Clone Strains

Please get on our waiting list to be informed when our clones will be available. Our list of strains is below and all will produce incredible yields for your grow!

What Makes Our Seeds & Clones Special?

Each of our strains have been bred by breeders with a combined 40 years of experience growing for large scale commercial operations.

After years of meticulous crossing and testing, we’ve come to a set of truly special genetics that strike the perfect balance between how easy they are to grow and fantastic results for a truly enjoyable experience.

Our award winning breeders have finally released some of their favorite marijuana strains for you to grow at home yourself, with great results!

If you’re looking to grow your own marijuana seeds or clones in Arizona, choose the best in Phoenix and order your consultation today to get your FREE seeds or clones!

Easy to Grow

Our strains are perfect for beginning growers due to their ease to grow characteristics.

Popular Strains

Each of our Phoenix marijuana seeds are crosses of award winning strains, ensuring impeccable quality.

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Fast Delivery

Once you order a grow consultation, we'll ship your free seeds or clones straight to your door, fast!

High Germination Rate

If you follow our process you can expect a higher germination rate than our competitors!

Cannabis Seeds Bred To Perfection

Our seeds and clones have been bred for years by expert growers to ensure your grow comes out fantastic. All seeds and clones are bred at our facilities in Arizona under incredibly sanitary conditions.

Take a peek at our operation to see just how professional it is and order your grow consultation today to get your free seeds or clones in a matter of days!

Take advantage of our special pricing and get free marijuana seeds or clones today by ordering a grow consultation!

“The seeds I got from you guys are already growing fast! Really excited I get to finally grow my own plants this year. Thanks for giving me such great seeds”

~ Bryan G., Tempe, AZ

Who Are Our Marijuana Seeds & Clones Perfect For?

As you already know, it is now legal in Arizona for adults over the age of 21 to grow their own marijuana plants. it’s an exciting time for every recreational marijuana user in the state!

People across Phoenix and the surrounding areas are excited to finally try growing their own tasty medicine but it can feel a little overwhelming.

We’ve brought some of our easiest to grow strains to the masses in phoenix and beyond.

Our strains are perfect for beginner growers looking to enjoy the experience of being a cannabis farmer and growing high yield plants that save them serious cash! 

Order your grow consultation today to get your free seeds or clones delivered to you and start your growing journey today!

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grow tent kit bundle

New All-In-One Grow Tent Kit Bundles!

If you’re ready to start your growing journey but don’t want to spend the time and hassle with building your own setup piece by piece, we have exactly what you need!

Our growers have put together a starter bundle that gives you everything you need to grow a healthy, high-yield harvest from start to finish (excluding your seeds or clones).

Each bundle would typically cost over $2,000 but get it all at once and save $300. In your first grow you should generate about 1lb per 6 plants, saving you thousands off retail flower and extract prices!

jennifer clone testimonial

Your team was really helpful in recommending the best seeds for my new grow tent. I’ve germinated the seeds with your strategy and the plants look really healthy. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Jennifer A., Phoenix, AZ

Questions About Our Phoenix Cannabis Seeds & Clones?

We know that growing your own medicine can be a little overwhelming to some. The seeds and clones we list are suited specifically for beginning growers, so you can feel confident you’ll succeed. If you have any questions or need advice on which clones or seeds would be best for you, feel free to drop us a line below.

Phoenix Marijuana Seeds & Clones FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about our seeds and clones.

Do Arizona Dispensaries Sell Seeds?

Yes, a number of dispensaries likely sell seeds in Arizona. However, you must understand that they lose money when their customers grow their own marijuana. It’s not in their best interest to give you high yielding, successful genetics.

This is why you should buy your Phoenix marijuana seeds from a company like ours that specializes in seeds and clones. It’s in our best interest to give you the highest performing seeds and clones possible to keep you coming back as a customer.

Can You Buy Clones In Arizona?

Yes! You can buy clones in Arizona now that it is legal for adults over the age of 21 to grow up to 6 plants of their own. If there are two adults in the residence a total of 12 cannabis plants can be grown per household.

Please follow all laws and regulations so you do not put yourself at risk. We understand many can get a little excited and want to double the legal allowance of plants, but don’t put yourself at risk. With autoflower seees you can get up to 6 harvests a year, so just be patient.

What's Better Clones or Seeds?

It depends, but seeds have a number of advantages over clones. Seeds can produce more clones than a plant that has already been cloned. You also minimize the chance of pest infestation when you order seeds. 

However, if your clone provider operates in sterile conditions and take great care of their mother plants, like we do, you shouldn’t have to worry about pests.

An important thing to remember is that if you want the easiest, most enjoyable growing experience, you should ask for autoflower seeds. Autoflower plants grow fast and can be harvested many more times per year than photoperiod strains, and they can’t be cloned. 

If you’re a new grower, always always always start with reliable autoflower seeds and work your way up to photoperiod strains.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Free Seeds or Clones?

Once you complete your order for a grow consultation, you’ll be adding your shipping address. Once your order is complete we will ship your seeds or clones within 2-3 days. You should be receiving your seeds within 5-7 business days.

Do You Sell Marijuana Seeds & Clones?

No! We do not sell our marijuana seeds and clones. We offer consultation services and give seeds and clones as a free gift with every consultation. Please make sure you follow all federal and local laws. 

Once you order your consultation service and select your preferred marijuana seeds, we’ll ship your free seeds to the address of your choice.

How Good Are Your Phoenix Marijuana Seeds?

Each strain we offer have been tested and carefully bred to create seeds that are easy to grow and also give amazing yields. Each strain is a favorite of our expert breeders, ensuring you’ll be extremely happy with the results!

Do I Have To Buy The Consultation To Get The Seeds?

Yes, we do not not sell our seeds and clones directly. You must order our consultation services in order to receive seeds or clones from us. You’ll see that our consultation services are very competitive.

We’ll be launching our clones and seeds with a brand new delivery service partner called Phoenix Weed Delivery soon, so stay tuned to get them delivered right to your door.

Here’s a breakdown of our pricing:

5 Minute Consultation and 5 Free Seeds = $100

10 Minute Consultation and 10 free seeds = $150

20 Minute Consultation and 20 Free seeds = $200

Can You Set Up My Grow Operation For Me?

Yes! We can provide full grow teent kit setup and advise you on the best nutrients and gameplan for your seeds or clones. We do charge a fee but this is a great option for someone just getting started on their first grow. We’ll send an expert grower to your home to setup your tent, soil, nutrients and give you all the information you need to get off to a fantastic start!

Ongoing consultation services are also available. Join our free Facebook group after ordering to have all of your questions about growing answered!

What Areas Do You Deliver To?

Although our name is Phoenix marijuana seeds and clones, we actually ship throughout the entire state of Arizona. We can send your free marijuana seeds or clones to any of these cities and more:

Scottsdale | Tempe | Downtown | North Mountain | Adobe Dam | Grayson Square | Estrella | Tatum Village | Villa De Madrid | Kierland Heritage | Desert View Village | Marina Linda | Sunrise Circle | Westwind | Westridge Park | Arcadia Crossing | Central City | Peoria | Glendale | Goodyear | Surprise | Sun City West | Paradise Valley | Mccormick Ranch | Mesa | Dobson Ranch | Gilbert | The Islands | Chandler | Queen Creek | Alhambra | Ahwatukee | Desert Ridge | Norterra | On The Web