growing marijuana at home

Benefits of Growing Marijuana at Home

Growing plants inside your home have become a trend especially during this time of the pandemic. You may have put a thought in studying each type of plant you would like to buy. Have you ever given a thought to growing marijuana at home? Well, if you want to do it for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes, then don’t worry!

As long as it’s legal in your state, you can purchase seeds or marijuana clones to grow at home. Growing weed at home is just like any other plant but you may consider its benefits to you as a gardener. 

According to the NCCEH, there is an increasing number of Canadians who are growing cannabis in their home provided that these residents will comply with governmental and environmental regulations when they decided to grow it in their home. It’s also becoming wildly popular in the US!

 If you are still wondering about the benefits of growing marijuana at home, here is the list of benefits of growing weed at home.

You Have Control Over The Finished Product

You have control of your plants when you decided to grow marijuana yourself. You know how it will grow as you purchased it from a legal weed store. Also, you have control over the process of cultivating, harvesting and curing your weed. With this, you will have a clear understanding of when to use pesticides or fertilizer to make your weed healthy in your own space.

You Can Produce A Lot!

Depending on the state or country you’re living in where the purchase and consumption of marijuana are legal, you can be allowed to grow at most 6 plants of cannabis although some areas allow to grow up to 12 plants. Take note that each cannabis plant can produce up to 1 to 2 ounces of cannabis. That’s more than enough of your usual intake for recreational or medicinal use.

Therefore, you have a lot of supply of cannabis to make a gift to your friend or a neighbor who is taking cannabis for their medicinal use. Furthermore, growing marijuana at home will save you the frustration of visiting a dispensary with a depleted stock of cannabis.

You Can Get Creative With Your Cannabis

You have a lot of opportunities when you grow marijuana at home. Since you already have a piece of knowledge in horticulture, that is taking care of your plants, you may now apply your creativity in your potted cannabis. You can make your hash or produce concentrates if you are taking it for health reasons. You may learn two types of how to do your hash or concentration. 

Press them into blocks so that you can use them to eat. The other type is the extraction of oil from the flower. It can be in the form of Rosin where you use a rosin press to extract oil from cannabis flower by crushing and applying heat at the same time. BHO is a more complicated process where special gas will be used to extract the oil from the flowers, but it’s still an option.


Buying seeds from legitimate marijuana stores would save you a lot of money. Once these seeds have turned into fully-grown and flowering marijuana, you will no longer need to go into the dispensary to purchase your supply. Your ounce of cannabis can cost around $100 to $400 (depending on which US state you live in) which saves you a lot of money if you decided to grow on your own.

Furthermore, your initial investment can usually get you around one to four harvests per year and will save you a lot of money long term.

It Can Be Higher Quality

There is another advantage of growing marijuana at home. That is the plants you are growing in your space can be higher quality as you learn how to manipulate variables to produce the highest quality buds.

The store where you bought your marijuana seeds will inform you on how to take care of your plants such as proper lighting, water, and nutrients to be used. You should also take note that some strains are not advised to put or apply pesticides as some strains do better without harsh chemicals. 

It's A Great Learning Experience

If you buy your marijuana seeds or clones, the store owner will tell you to grow your plants carefully and follow their instructions and recommendations as mold can also be struck some strains of marijuana. You don’t want to have moldy marijuana, right?

If this is the first time growing marijuana, you may try to consult books, online articles you can find, or YouTube videos! You need to learn a lot to apply the correct process of growing marijuana in the comfort of your home. After your first 1 or two grows you will have developed into a pretty solid grower!

The Convenience Factor

Once you have started growing your own marijuana at home, you can now harvest your flowers from the plant. This is a good advantage as you don’t have to travel far to a dispensary just to get your supply. This is also beneficial to medically ill consumers of cannabis because they will just harvest from their organic and homegrown marijuana. 

Satisfaction of Raising Living Plants

Witnessing the growth of marijuana from seed to full-grown plant will give you a fantastic sense of satisfaction. It gives you a feeling that you have achieved something productive and useful. It is also a relaxing hobby just like gardening! You can start growing your cannabis at your home if you’re over the age of 21 in most recreational states.

Growing cannabis is enlightening and fun. Just make sure that you’re following your state’s or government’s regulations and guidelines in taking care of your plant. Take care of your cannabis just like any other plant in your garden and reap the benefits of big beautiful buds all year long!