keep marijuana seeds fresh

How To Keep Marijuana Seeds Fresh

If you start with great marijuana seeds, you can expect to harvest premium-quality marijuana. Most growers seem to forget this fact — the seeds are alive. This is why you should keep marijuana seeds fresh. Although they may seem durable, they can get damaged if not stored properly. If you spend $10 to $20 for every seed, damaging a batch can be costly.

Before these seeds germinate, they hibernate just like baby animals waiting to be born. If you don’t nurture and adequately care for them, they might die.

Fortunately, the good news is when stored properly, these seeds can last up to five years after they’re harvested. To help extend the life of your seeds, here are tips on how to store them properly.

Keep Your Marijuana Seeds Away From Light

The ideal location for these seeds to stay fresh is a dry, dark, and cool room. Also, keep them in their original packaging to avoid exposing them to light and temperature changes. Otherwise, they’ll start using their stored nutrients and will not have enough left for germination. The light can also trigger premature germination that won’t yield a good result.

Keep The Room Temperature Low

The ideal temperature for cannabis seed storage is somewhere between 42 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit. If you keep your seeds in an area with a lower temperature, they won’t germinate prematurely. Long-term growers often have dedicated refrigerators to keep the cannabis seeds in good condition. Go for no-frost fridge models since they are ideal for storage.

You can also freeze the marijuana seeds you have. However, before you take this path, you have to ensure that your seeds are vacuum-packed. After which, place them inside a dark container. When you take them out of the freezer, it’s best to try to germinate them germinate right away.

Short Term Storage Options

If you’re only storing your seeds for a short time, placing them in a cupboard or dark drawer is enough. The key is to keep them away from humidity and temperature fluctuations. If your seeds are exposed to rapid temperature variations, they can get destroyed.

If you live in an area where nights are cold and days are warm, never opt for outside storage. It will also do your seeds good if you place them in a container with desiccant. You need to seal them before placing them in a dark, cool place. 

Medium Term Storage Options

If you intend to store your seeds for a few months, you need to invest in airtight containers like Ziploc bags and mason jars. After placing your seeds in your airtight container of choice, place them in your fridge. Opening the refrigerator could fluctuate its temperature, so it’s ideal to use a second fridge you seldom use.

When you use modern fridges, take note that some of them come with lower humidity levels. This is not best for your seeds as the low humidity can cause them to use up their nutrients and germinate prematurely.

Long Term Storage Options

If you intend to store your seeds for six months or more, you need a vacuum-sealed container. The trick here is to remove all the air from your Ziploc bag before storing your seeds away. If this is too much of a job for you, you can invest in vacuum-sealed containers. These containers are readily available online.

Once you’re done packing your seeds in their containers, place them inside your fridge. You can still put your seed containers in the freezer. But remember to germinate them right away after you take them out. Don’t thaw them after removal.


If you want to keep marijuana seeds fresh for an extended period of time, there are a number of ways to do it right. If you buy marijuana seeds and use them right away, you won’t have any storage issues to think of. Even so, you can still choose to keep them away from light to ensure their quality. For short-term storage, storage in a dark, cool cupboard is enough for as long as you can keep the humidity and temperature at a reasonable level.

However, if you intend to store them for days, weeks, or even months, the storage game changes. This time, you’ll need a container that won’t allow air to touch the seeds. You should seriously consider investing in vacuum-sealed or airtight containers to keep your seeds fresh even after a few weeks or months. Follow these tips to enjoy high-quality cannabis all the time.