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Phoenix Marijuana Seeds

Want the best Phoenix marijuana seeds on the market?

Our feminized seeds produce fantastic yields, are easy to grow and we have a wide range of amazing strains.

Whether it’s your first time or you need bulk cannabis seeds for your operation, give us a call today!

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Premium Strains

Phoenix Marijuana Seeds Update

We will be launching in January 2022 with small but amazing series of marijuana seeds to help you grow a stellar, high yield and high potency crop from the comfort of your own home! Get on the list to be notified of our first seed drop!

Best Selling Marijuana Seeds in Phoenix, AZ!

After decades growing premium cannabis for large operations across California and Colorado, we’ve brought our favorite strains to sunny Phoenix, AZ to share with the masses. If you’re new to growing, we recommend starting with our autoflower cannabis seeds. They’re easier to grow and are less susceptible to mistakes that many neew growers make.

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Mandarin Cookies Marijuana Seed Consultation

Our Mandarin Cookies marijuana seeds are a brilliant cross between the wildly popular Cookies and Mandarin Sunset Strains. The strain is easy to grow, gives off a calming high with a citrus and diesel fragrance.

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Gorilla Cake Marijuana Seed Consultation

Our Gorilla Cake strain is a favorite for recreational users. It’s a cross between the award winning Gorilla Glue and Wedding cake strains. It gives a heavy high, has a dense bud structure and gives off a rich terpene fragrance you’ll love!

kino vision marijuana seed strain

Kino Vision High CBD Seed Consultation

Our high CBD Kino Vision strain is an extremely popular CBD strain for those wanting to grow their own high CBD seeds. This strain is a robust seed that’s easy to grow and an extremely enjoyable smoke.

What Makes Our Marijuana Seeds Special?

Each of our strains have been breed to perfection by breeders with decades of experience growing lush, highly potent cannabis strains, ensuring each marijuana seed pack you buy will produce fantastic results.

Our award winning breeders are finally opening up their seed stocks to share with new and seasoned growers in the Phoenix, AZ area. 

Meticulously crossbred to bring out favorable traits, our cannabis seeds will make your friends drool with jealousy once they see how they’re ready to harvest. Why spend so much on retail prices if you could just have your own stash of premium buds every few months to pull from?

If you know it’s time to start your cannabis growing journey, order some of our seeds today!

Easy to Grow

Strains that are perfect for new and seasoned growers.

Popular Strains

Each of our Phoenix marijuana seeds are in demand crosses of wildly popular strains.

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Fast Delivery

Once you order a grow consultation, we'll ship your free seeds or clones straight to your door, fast!

High Germination Rate

If you follow our germination guide, you can expect 80-90% germination rates!

We Carry Autoflower & Photoperiod Marijuana Seeds

Not every strain is perfect for every grower. That’s why we carry both autoflower and photoperiod strains. Autoflower strains don’t require light manipulation to move into their flowering cycle.

Autoflower seeds have come a long way, and are a little easier to bring to harvest than photoperiod strains, so we typically recommend you start with autoflower strains if you’re a first time grower.

If you have a few grows under your belt or you want to jump right into photoperiod strains, we have those too!

“The seeds I got from you guys are already growing fast! Really excited I get to finally grow my own plants this year. Thanks for giving me such great seeds”

~ Bryan G., Tempe, AZ

Who Are Our Marijuana Seeds Best For?

It’s an exciting time to live in the state of Arizona! With recreational cannabis being passed in early 2021, adults across the state can grow their own cannabis plants at home.

Whether you’re brand new to growing, or have been doing it for years, you can now come out of the shadows and grow your own medicine. Growing your own marijuana at home is an incredibly fulfilling hobby.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to pay 1/4 of the price for an eight they grew themselves. Get your Phoenix marijuana seeds today and start growing your own cannabis in days.


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Questions About Our Phoenix Marijuana Seeds?

We know that growing your own cannabis can be overwhelming to many. The marijuana seeds we offer have been bred specifically for new and intermediate growers, so you can be confident you’ll succeed. There really is nothing like harvesting the flower of your very first cannabis plants. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Phoenix Marijuana Seeds FAQ

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our marijuana seeds in Phoenix, AZ.

What's Better Clones or Seeds?

It depends, but seeds have a number of advantages over clones. Seeds can produce more clones than a plant that has already been cloned. You also minimize the chance of pest infestation when you order seeds. 

However, if your clone provider operates in sterile conditions and take great care of their mother plants, like we do, you shouldn’t have to worry about pests.

An important thing to remember is that if you want the easiest, most enjoyable growing experience, you should ask for autoflower seeds. Autoflower plants grow fast and can be harvested many more times per year than photoperiod strains, and they can’t be cloned. 

If you’re a new grower, always always always start with reliable autoflower seeds and work your way up to photoperiod strains.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Free Seeds or Clones?

Once you complete your order for a grow consultation, you’ll be adding your shipping address. Once your order is complete we will ship your seeds or clones within 2-3 days. You should be receiving your seeds within 5-7 business days.